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Of the metal detectors we tested, the Bounty Hunter Titanium Camo was the best at estimating depth. This means the field is about half to two-thirds the coil’s diameter, making it more accurate deeper into the ground than a concentric coil. We scored metal detectors with DD search coils higher because their search fields are shaped like a blade.

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector can detect all sorts of metals. Features: pro mode audio discrimination, High-resolution iron discrimination, digital target ID. In your time Metal Detecting you will tend to discover buttons than any other item.

If you think your little one can bear hearing the same tone all the time – and the BHJS provides plenty of useful features as compensation – there is no reason why you should decide against buying this device. While it offers discrimination, adjustable volume, and sensitivity, what the BHJS doesn’t offer is a 2nd tone. Remember, the higher the discrimination, the fewer items the detector targets. This feature tells what the target is likely to be, and it does that by displaying numbers between 0 and 100. Making sure that your little one remains interested in his hobby is the target indicator feature of this model.

Note: If you’re not sure where to hunt, check out my guide to the best places to use a metal detector. You’ll need to lower the sensitivity of the machine to counteract this, which reduces depth. If you’re interested in gold detecting, you can click here for my full guide to this type of detector. Most importantly, they can detect coins, jewelry and relics at a reasonable depth (up 6″-8″ depending on the ground conditions).

The Sensitivity Buttons are simply used to increase or decrease the sensitivity of the machine. Relics: In this mode eliminate all trash targets and detect good targets on lower conductivity.

This product is the best metal detector for you if you want one that is equally good for general purpose and for finding specific metals such as coins or gold. The Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV metal detector is a great device that has everything that you need in your metal detector. Unlike the Bounty Hunter Gold Digger, the TK4 Tracker IV metal detector is sturdy and strongly built.

The detector will emit an audio signal whenever it finds a metal within range. The maximum is reached when the center of the coil is exactly above the target. The only thing you know is that it’s under the search coil.

There are a few points to be aware of when buying the best metal detectors for beginners Naturally every budding enthusiast wants results right now- who doesn’t right. We recognize that this guide was in no way exhaustive, and that there is more information about how metal detectors work than what is included here. Generally, the best-known and most successful businesses are those that do a good job, earn repeat business, and build a good reputation over the course of time. Online reviews are another great source of information of the pros and cons of specific metal detectors. Is there a guarantee on the delivery date/time, or a guarantee on the overall satisfaction of the site’s service?

It also has a unique discrimination control system making it a great relic-hunting detector. Final Verdict – For those treasure hunters that cover all types of terrain, the Garrett ATX is a great middle of the road detector that is easy to set up and perfect for those that already have a little best beginner metal detector 2017 experience. With its advanced new DD search coil, the ATX gives you enhanced detection and easy pinpointing of small items. Featuring a design that works on any terrain, the Garrett ATX Pulse Induction Military Grade Metal Detector can be used in either wet, humid, or dusty environments.

No ungainly slack wires – concealed coil wire links between management device and search, which prevents entangling – as well as for simplicity of size correction. Water resistant search coil enables you to utilise the detector in a ‘modest’ volume of water. This specific digital metal detector is flexible and straightforward to utilise, plus it delivers good performance with no complicated configurations or modifications.

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