Soft Bearing Suspensions SBS-30


Build your own Turbo Balancing Machine, whether it is on the base of your milling machine or on a station of your own. The SBS-30 Soft Bearing Suspensions will help you make a very versatile balancer with the high accuracy of soft bearing systems. The drawings for the design of the machine can be downloaded here.

  • Minimum mass: 50 grams
  • Maximum mass: 30 kg
  • Residual imbalance: 2 mg
  • Speed: 800 – 15,000 RPM
  • Type: Soft Bearing

Features & Advantages

SBS-30’s bearings supports up to 30 kg per pair (15 kg each). Its design allows balancing rotors with a maximum shaft’s diameter of 63.5 mm (2.5 in).

The Soft Bearing Suspension mechanism allows you to improve balancings with very high precision on almost any kind of rotating parts. With this system, all balancings will be performed at higher frequencies than the support’s natural frequency. This system allows the rotor to rotate around its gravity center instead of its geometric center.