SC-100 IEPE Sensor Checker


SC-100 Sensor Checker is a battery operated, easy to use instrument for checking sensor condition by measuring bias voltage and for electronically simulating IEPE sensor output from accelerometers.
Power is supplied by one internally mounted 9V alkaline battery. There is also a LED indication of low battery.
Working mode can be selected by a side switch mounted on the left side. There is also a visual identification of the selected mode placed on the front panel. Depending on the bias voltage, the following predefined statuses are possible:
In BOV TEST mode user can read measured bias voltage on the screen and sensor status on the LED diodes on the front panel. There are predefines sensor status which are depending from the bias voltage and they are: short circuit, sensor ok and open circuit. For short circuit, measured bias voltage is below 7V. For open circuit measured bias voltage is more than 15V. For sensor ok, measured bias voltage is between 7V and 15V. If the customer wants different voltage levels, changes are possible free of charge before shipment.
In SIGNAL GENERATOR mode, the instrument produces fixed frequency sinusoidal signal to simulate accelerometers or velocity meter output.
Parameters for checking (for sensor sensitivity 100mV/g) 160 Hz


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