EI-300 Horizontal Balancing Machine for 300kg with Soft Bearing Suspensions


The EI-300 Dynamic Balancing Machine is designed to balance rotors of any type accurately. The length of its bench allows balancing rotors up to 2 meters long to be mounted. Additionally, EI-300 will allow you to make overhung balancing thanks to its negative supports (optional).

  • Minimum mass: 1 kg
  • Maximum mass: 300 kg
  • Residual imbalance: 2 mg
  • Speed: 450 – 5,000 RPM
  • Type: Soft Bearing


EI-300 uses light and resistant materials for the SBS System in order to reduce inertia.

  • Single and two plane balancing.
  • Variable speed with an inverter.
  • Adjustable pulleys.
  • Three liberty axis for each pedestal to allow free movement.
  • Manual adjust for power transmission and supports distance.
  • Bearing based soft bearing suspension system to avoid mechanical looseness.
  • Axial support system.
  • Sensors integrated to avoid corrosion.
  • Cantilever Bearing support.
  • Easy calibration.