DigivibeMX M30 Vibration Analyzer, Data collector and Dynamic Balancer



2 Million points FFT, Bode, Cross Power Spect, Transfer, Harmonics,
Machine’s database, Tendency curves, 3D ODS simulation, Coherence,
Run down, Start up, Waterfall diagram, Octaves, Power Spectrum,
Orbits, Phase.
Database with more than 20,000 bearings dimensions for
frequency calculations.
Data collector and route analysis.
Measurement units: g, mm/s^2, mm/s, in/s, µm, mils, gE (acceleration envelope)
Automatic vibration analysis reports
Software in English & Spanish

Single and Two Plane Dynamic Balancer:

Calculator with 12 Balancing functions:  
Balancing in just 2 runs with SBS, 1-plane seria balancings, add/remove/split/combine weights, drill depth, residual unbalance, among others.
2 Polar graphs for 1&2 planes balancing.
Balancing Range: 60 RPM – 150’000 RPM.
Automatic Balancing Reports
Software in English & Spanish